Aretha Santos

Vyučuje: angličtinu (zahraniční lektorka)

O své práci říká:

Like lots of people, I never thought I would be a teacher when I was at school. The passion for teaching started at university, watching my professors and helping my classmates to revise for exams. My friends used to give me good feedback, encourage me to pursue a carrier as a professor. Being an English teacher combines two of my favourite things: my love for the classroom and travelling. I am convinced that I made the correct choice; nothing else I might have done would have given me so much pleasure.

Co dělá, když právě neučí:

In my free time I enjoy travelling and exploring new places. I like meeting my friends for some drinks and having good conversation. However, I enjoy having my me-time from time to time, by watching Netflix in bed. I am a TV series geek.