Jay Davis

Vyučuje: angličtinu, rodilý mluvčí


O své práci říká:

I‘ve been living in the Czech Republic for 16 years and I really like the people and the culture. I‘m happy when I can help someone who struggles with speaking English. My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable with the language and to get past the fear of making mistakes. I‘m very easy going and I try to give my students a lot of encouragement and praise. Learning English should be fun, not stressful!


Co dělá, když právě neučí:

My family takes up most of my free time. I want my two young daughters to see and experience as much as possible. I also enjoy hanging out with people and talking about issues regarding faith and culture. If there is any time left, I also enjoy fiddling about with computers and new technology (I‘m a closet IT nerd :).