Code: SA2209
Level at the start: B2
Level at the end: B2+
The course is for: The course is designed for students who want to cover high-level grammar, pronunciation accuracy and gain advanced vocabulary.
Book: English File Upper-Intermediate (since unit 7B)
What will I learn: You will learn about how to describe a story and give your point of view, how to use clauses of contrast and purpose and science topics.
What should I already know: You should have a good understanding of present tenses, past tenses, narrative tenses, adverb and adverbial places and future tenses.

What do I know now? Level B2 - 75%

What will I know? Level B1 +

-          Modal verbs



-          Adjectives and adverbs order

-          Passive

-          The body

-          Future forms

-          Reporting verbs

-          Crime and punishment

-          Gerund and infinitive

-          Clauses of contrast and purpose

-          The media

-          Question formation

-          Uncountable and countable nouns

-          Myths

-          Unreal conditionals

-          Quantifiers         

-          Megacities

-          Used to, get used, be used to

-          Articles

-          The power of words

-          Structures after wish