Code: SA2387

Level at the start: B2+

Level at the end: C1

The course is for: eg. The course is designed for students who have good understanding and control of the English language and who would like to gain more fluency.

Book: English File Advanced (from unit 1B)


What will I learn: You will learn how to speak about the past and specific incidents, phrases with get, talking about conflicts and warfare and describing books and films

What should I already know: eg. You should know auxiliary verbs, pronouns, conditionals, past tenses, perfects tenses and future tenses

What does that mean:




What do I know now? Level B2 - 75%



What will I know? Level C1

-          Past simple vs present perfect



-          Real and unreal conditionals

- Discourse markers (linkers)

- word building

-          Going to, will

- Speculation and deduction

- Lexical variation

-          Passive

- Phrasal verbs

- Conflict and warfare


- Pronunciation

- Sounds and the human voice