Code: SA2388

Level at the start: B2

Level at the end: B2+

The course is for: The course is designed for students who would like to learn Business English

Book: Business Result 2nd edition Upper intermediate from unit 3 

What will I learn: You will learn how to run an update meeting, question decisions, 5 most common problems on projects, presenting a product/service and referring to evidence

What should I already know: You should know present simple and continuous, question forms, past simple, first and second conditional and passive.

What does that mean:


What do I know now? Level B2 - 75%



What will I know? Level C1

-          Present simple vs continuous



-          Real conditionals

- Present, past and future ability

- Managing projects

-          First vs Second conditionals

- Past simple vs present perfect

- Ideas and innovations

-          Passive

- Future tenses

- Ethical business