Code: SAC100422

Level at the start: C1 velmi pokročilí I.

Level at the end: C1 velmi pokročilí II.

The course is for: eg. The course is designed for students who have good understanding and control of the English language and who would like to gain more fluency.

Book: English File Advanced from unit 5A

What will I learn: You will learn expressions with time; difference between UK and US accent and words; unreal use of past tenses; and compound adjectives

What should I already know: You should know perfect tenses, discourse markers and all past tenses.

What does that mean:


What do I know now? Level C1 – 75%



What will I know? Level C1

-          Auxiliary and main verbs



-          The rhythm of spoken English

-          Linking short phrases

- Time

-          How news words are created

-          Permission, obligation and necessity

- Money

-          Word building

-          verb of the senses

- Phones and technologies


-          gerund and infinitives

- UK and US words